You’re getting better DAY BY DAY

We only realize the preciousness of health when you are on the verge of losing it. We are too busy with our lives, so we stop taking the time to listen to our bodies and minds. Ignoring the SOS signals until we find ourselves in an irreversible situation. We became acutely aware of the importance of health and we learned the hard way when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer and multiple metastases in his liver and lungs. He was only given 30 months to live and a 30% five-year survival rate. This changed us and forced a drastic reevaluation of our lifestyle.
A healthy life requires living in accordance with the natural rhythm by maintaining a well-balanced diet, engaging in moderate exercise, and taking sufficient rest. DAY BY DAY designs and proposes a healthy lifestyle which is simple and sustainable that can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle.



心と体の状態に耳を澄ます余裕もなく体 からのSOSに「まさか」とスルーしてしまううちに、後戻りのできない状況になっている。



DAY BY DAYはどんなライフスタイルでも取り入れられるような人それぞれにあった健康的な暮らしをデザインし、提案します。